What is DIFF? What does DIFF do?

These are some of the questions that non-DIFF members often ask when they see upgraded cabins or 200 extra people on the beach ready to fish our tournament in October. We have updated our old brochure which outlines where our money goes and to what, like Scholarships, Grants, Work Trips, Becoming a Member, Fishing Responsibly, and our Tournament. We’ve even outlined procedures and rules for getting permits from the Park Service and responsible ways for driving on the beach. 

Hopefully people will see this and want to become a member to enjoy Davis Island responsibly and join us in keeping it one of our state’s premium natural resources. The park service works hand in hand with our club because we give so much back to the island and it’s resources. 

If you see one of these brochures, the best way to service our club is to give it to someone who doesn’t know what DIFF is and encourage them to join. 

Please don’t take a brochure if you’re a member in good standing and just want to read it on the ferry on the way over. We only had a limited number of copies printed so that we weren’t taking a lot of money out of the club’s budget for printing expenses. Click here to view a PDF of the brochure.