Simple Online Instructions:

  1. Print 2 copies of the ORV Education Certificate Form

  2. Read the regulations and fill out the requested information on both copies

  3. One copy will be kept with your vehicle and the second copy will be given to park staff upon your arrival on the island.

  4. Once you have presented your completed certificate to park staff, you will receive a proof-of-certificate decal which you will need to affix to your vehicle’s windshield or to the bottom right side of the front bumper if the vehicle does not have a windshield.

If you have trouble downloading or printing the certificate, you can obtain one in-person by visiting any of the NPS &/or Ferry Operator Offices to get your certificate easily. Click here for all the “in-person” details and options!!!


  • The decal given in exchange for the ORV Education Certificate Form is for each vehicle; which covers all drivers of that vehicle for the year (each new driver should read the certificate prior to operating the vehicle).
  • Each year each vehicle arriving at CALO will require a NEW Decal using the same process outlined above (but the education certificate form may change slightly each year based on the objectives of the NPS).

NPS Press Release is available here!