The purpose, objectives and efforts of DIFF are to benefit the DIFF membership and other visitors of Davis Island.

• DIFF actively supports and demonstrates responsible use of off-road vehicles for beach access to engage in surf fishing and other suitable activities.
• DIFF promotes a code of ethics for responsible behavior on the island.
• DIFF educates visitors on the rich heritage of surf fishing and current fishing conservation practices.
• DIFF provides physical and fiscal resources to assist the Park Service in maintaining cabins and other facilities.
• DIFF hosts fishing tournaments for its members enjoyment.
• DIFF supports the conservation of Davis Island’s culture, history, heritage and appropriate protection of its fish and wildlife.
• DIFF collaborates with the park management, concessionaires and other supportive organizations to benefit the DIFF membership.
• DIFF maintains awareness of activities that could affect Davis Island in a positive or negative way and responds appropriately to support the DIFF purpose.
• DIFF provides effective communications to its members by web site, newsletter and periodic meetings.