We had 15 volunteers on May 3rd – 7th attend this year’s work trip. Installing new siding was the Park Service’s top priority. Scott and Darrell McCormick led the effort and coordinated with the park service to have materials and supplies ready when volunteers arrived on the island. 

Scott McCormick, Johnny Ray and Darrell McCormick started early Wednesday morning removing any old, deteriorated siding and replacing with new on Cabin 19. This was done to support and extend the life of the new Hardie Plank® lap siding which was installed on Cabins 19 and 17. Both cabins required extensive repairs prior to installing the new siding.

Everyone worked on siding except Alvin Tans and Roy Byrd, who were pre-painting the 1” X 4” trim boards. The siding crew started installing the lap siding on cabin 19 early Thursday morning. Scott headed up a crew to get cabin 17 ready, which required the removal of sand that had covered the porch wall. The porch wall for cabin 17 had to be replaced due to rot from being covered by sand. Cabin 17 was finished around 2:00 PM on Saturday.

Brian Trotter took on the task of providing meals for the trip and did an excellent job. Lance Brown and Tyler Buchanan assisted in preparing breakfast each morning. Former DIFF Vice President, Tom Monaco sent over dinner for Friday from Fat Fellas and ice cream for dessert. Mike Ponticelli prepared homemade pizza for lunch on Friday as well as baked ziti and salad for Saturday dinner. I think everyone ate well and thanks to all that made it happen.

I would like to express our appreciation to Cape Lookout National Seashore Superintendent Jeff West and staff for their outstanding service and assistance during the work trip. These trips present an opportunity for CBSFC and DIFF to meet and get to know the park service’s staff.

And thanks to all the volunteers for taking the time to attend the trip. Volunteers were Alvin Tans, Brian Trotter, Darrell McCormick, David Vestal, Ernie Holcomb, Johnny Ray, Kevin Davis, Lance Brown, Lee Hege, Michael Ponticelli, Mike Matthews, Roger Massey, Roy Byrd, Scott McCormick and Tyler Buchanan.

Click here to view a slide show of the work trip.