Click here to see the crew and projects from the 2016 Worktrip by DIFF & CBSFC

Accomplishments of the 20 volunteers (contributing a total of 158 labor hours) for the 2016 Cape Lookout work-trip include:

  1. Painting the exteriors of cabins 9, 10, 15, 16 and the caretakers cabin.
  1. Tripling the size of the fish cleaning station nears cabin which can now accommodate 12 fishermen.
  1. Deconstruction of the fish cleaning station near the bathhouse. A hose is now available at the location for campers to get fresh water.
  1. Installing 200 reflectors on bollards and other structures in the cabin area.
  1. Repair six generator stands replacing deteriorated bottoms and/or roofs.

Special thanks to these 20 work-trip volunteers from the members and boards of Davis Island Fishing Foundation(DIFF) and Core Banks Surf Fishing Club(CBSFC)!!!